Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dublin Rd, Ringwood East

Here's another Ringwood East gem that has just gone on the market. I was going to take pictures of this house as soon as we had a nice sunny day. I remember the first time I drove past this house, I had to do a double take. The sculptures are awesome and the whole house is a time capsule. I sincerely hope that someone who appreciates this house as it is now, buys it and keeps it the same, rather that knocking down the house and building units as is often the case. A house of this significance should be heritage listed for future generations to enjoy.
Pictures and text below courtesy of Phillip Webb Real Estate. You can view the complete listing here.

Even though you’re being introduced to a home built in 1956, you are also looking at a home before its time. A General Motors designer, artist and visionary set his pen to paper to design this home with a future extension in mind. Crisp white borders are balanced by porthole feature windows and sculptures in the garden were borne of the designers’ futuristic fantasies. Not one aspect of the property has been altered since its conception yet it is in pristine condition. And there are some design features that are appearing in modern architecture today – this designer saw the light half a century ago!