Thursday, May 21, 2009

Getting to know the neighbourhood.

I'm enjoying my walks and sometimes drives around the neighbourhood and surrounding area. There is really quite a diverse mix of house in the area, ranging from california bungalows, 1940's waterfalls and 60's cream brick. There's also a high content of traditional weatherboards and the ubiquitous McMansion popping up here and there. The more radical contemporary homes, of which there are quite a few, are impossible to photograph due to the long driveways, expansive garden combination.
Yesterday, I focused on details. It was a hazy day so I only got a few.

Love the split rock wall.

This house had good solid contemporary lines. Built late 50's early 60's. Really hard to get a good picture.

Time capsule garage in Ringwood East.

Largely untouched 60's brick. The patio even had some lovely concrete planters.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

It all in the details.

Despite the fact that I should have been in the studio sewing and that it was threatening rain at any moment, I slung my camera bag over my shoulder and went for another walk today. I did the circuit of streets at the back of my house, which is also know as "The Golden Mile". It's an area high on the hill that overlooks the valley where the Croydon township sits and towards Montrose and the Dandenong Ranges. The house block are huge and the gardens are gorgeous. Most houses are completely hidden from the street because of the rambling, tangled gardens. Today, as I realised that I couldn't get many full shots of houses because of trees, plants or even a car in the driveway, I decided instead to focus on the details. I was looking for an interesting mail box or a house name, perhaps an old hanging sign or some wrought iron railings. Here's some of what I saw....

Tuesday, May 5, 2009