Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Open for business!

After a well deserved break and a freshen up for the shop, Railway Bizarre is open for business again. Drop in and see the lovely Wendy at 42 Railway Ave, Ringwood East.(It's almost across the road from the train station-how's that for handy?)
Opening hours are 10-5 Tuesday to Saturday. If you visit on a the 1st Saturday of the month you can wander around the Car Boot market in the station car park.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wall art

I grew up in a newly established estate in the South Eastern suburbs in the 70's. There were lots of brick veneer houses, mission brown wood trims and some quite avant garde houses. One thing that I remember vividly was the "flowers" that people had attached to their houses. The 1st time I saw them, I thought that they were a kind of metal sun and wondered why our house didn't have one. I guess we just weren't European enough. Or cultured. I later discovered that you could get coffee tables made from the same twisted and misshapen metal. I didn't like those quite so much as the wall art.

They are slowly disappearing from the landscape. As houses get renovated, rendered or knocked down completely, these metal marguerites have no doubt been handed over to the scrap metal man for a nice wad of cash. Or placed in hard rubbish for the lucky treasure hunter to acquire for him/her self.

I hope to acquire one for my own 70's redbrick, so that I may bask in it's nostalgic from the comfort of my yard and not from a stranger's nature strip.