Tuesday, January 19, 2010

door decal

door decal
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I found a door in hard rubbish (a council roadside clearout for non-Aussies) and after much wrangling, got it into my car and safely home without breaking the glass. When time was on my side, I stripped it back and with the bloke's help, repainted and rehung it. I was worried about the fact that it wasn't safety glass and as we have already had one child hospitalised from running through a glass door, I didn't want a repeat of that. I decided to design a decal that could be applied to the door in frosted vinyl, so that if the door did get broken, the vinyl would hold the glass in place. I searched the web for inspiration and was going to go for a traditional retro design, when the bloke suggested I use one of my sketches. We scanned it into CorelDraw and then he cut it out using a vinyl sign cutter. (He works in the industry, so that's a bonus!)
I love the finished product, and I'm sure our bookkeeper will be pleased with the outcome as well.
Because this is the door to our office. She comes to our place once a week to do the bookkeeping and she is seriously allergic to cats. And of course, the office is the cat's favourite room.
Not any more.